Momax Huawei P20 Rigd Hybrid Case

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Adopt 3D embossing technology, you can use with confidence, high-quality touch.- The four corners of the case are a special design of the air bag, it is a cushioning function, and the case absorbs shocks and protects the smart phone securely when it drops itself by any chance. Dustproof and impact resistance is the best, and it will protect from scratches, fingerprint marks, dirt etc. firmly!- Excellent practicality, easy to push the button while wearing the case, the hole part is perfect. All attached operations such as charging and earphone insertion can be used freely while being worn on the case. The crystal screen protective film does not interfere, it can be used easily.- By raising it 0.5 mm to the case camera part, it protects the camera lens's circumference and can prevent the lens from being scratched.
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